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Unleash the power of technology!

The Royaltie Virtual proximity Gems are a simple way for marketers to communicate with customers in proximity
to physical locations.
It allows you to broadcast advertisements 

Anywhere you pick 1000 meters to 10,000 meters This means your Advertisement, A call to action and special offer get sent to smartphones, laptops, tables, any device with internet access 

with in a set location, 

You get to pick the location with the Royaltie virtual pin function. 

It's easy, inexpensive and automated!

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Attract New Customers Everyday!

The Uplink Mobile Guest WiFi  and Uplink Pro 

allows you to offer free WiFi in your store or anywhere on the go,

The client must log in with there contact info, thru email or 

Facebook or other social media. 

All you do, is plug the unit into your phone and a power source.

Wallah Free Guest Wifi... 

Gather these leads for special offers and calls to action, 

for immediate results!  

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Our services include all forms of
Mobile Responsive Website Design,
Explosive Advertising Content,
Targeted Social Media Advertising and Awareness
Multi Media Production, SEO, Proximity Marketing,
Custom App Development, Webcasting, Podcasting,
Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Click Funnels, and more...

Our state of the art technology helps automate your mobile and online marketing! Our state of the art technology helps automate  your mobile and online marketing today! 

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